Survey reveals the cause and cure of grumpy dads

Days out with the family are proven to put a smile on dad's face .
Days out with the family are proven to put a smile on dad's face .

The stars of The X Factor, the neighbour’s cat, EastEnders and unexpected callers are among the top things which make Scotland’s dads grumpy, according to a new survey.

The poll of Scottish fathers, commissioned by Merlin Annual Pass, also found that lights left on in empty rooms, heating on too high, drum and bass music and being treated like a taxi service also featured on the chart of cantankerousness.

Almost 20 per cent of Scottish dads admit they are ALWAYS cranky while another 73 per cent reckon they are becoming more so as they get older.

And it is not the privilege of old men – as dads are at their most grumpy at the age of 40.

Pollyanna Haigh from Merlin Annual Pass, said: “From our experience, Dad’s will openly admit they have a reputation for being the grumpy ones of the family, and we wanted to see if this really was the case; and the survey suggests it is!

“As we all know, everyone has grumbles from time to time – perhaps dads are just not as good at hiding their moans as others.

“However, children grow up so fast, so it’s important for families to maximise the fun times together before they grow up and become parents themselves.”

Luckily for families, 62 per cent reckon they are at the most grumpy during the working week, coming out of their mood in time for the weekend.

Over half of dads also believe a good night’s sleep is often all it takes to bring an end to their grumpiness with 28 per cent saying food helps.

A family day out, a nice gesture from a partner or children and a cold beer or lager can also improve their mood.

It also emerged nearly three quarters of dads believe they need to make more effort to be less grumpy, with 61 per cent saying time with their family and fun days out would result in a less grumpy dad.

And if you want to catch dad at his most awesome, on holiday is the best time, followed by the evenings and weekends, and when playing with the children.

Pollyanna added: “We commissioned this research after hearing from our attraction guests that their families behave so differently when on a family day out – they are carefree and relaxed, no sight of grumpiness!

“Everyone has times where life takes over and can cause grumpiness and the survey is proof of that. To help those mums and dads out there have a year of fun with their family, our January sale has started where you can purchase the Merlin Annual Pass from just £99 each, which gives its holders entrance to 32 attractions across the country.

“Our pass makes organising days out so simple and it provides real value for money. It takes the worry out of the cost and planning associated with a family day trip and it means you can say goodbye to grumpy and hello to just being seen as an awesome parent!”

So here’s the top 20 cranky chart – which long-suffering families can either use as warning list or simply to tick off the things which they know will annoy dad:

1. People leaving the lights on

2. Bad traffic

3. General bad manners

4. Bad drivers

5. X Factor

6. All the planning and cost that any family activity involves

7. Cold callers calling in the evening

8. Your favourite football team losing

9. Having the heating on too high

10. The kids not helping with the chores

11. The kids not eating their meal but then complaining they are hungry later on

12. Always being asked for money/treated like an ATM

13. Having to do washing up

14. The front or back door being left open

15. People popping round to visit unexpectedly

16. Not being able to snooze on the sofa

17. Reality TV shows

18. Doors being slammed

19. Being told to do the hoovering/other household chores

10. Always being the one to do the bins and recycling

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