Sustainability Day

Pupils at Mill O Forest were joined by other School’s in the area last week as they took part in a sustainability day.

Eco-committee’s from a variety of primaries in the area joined in at the workshops on Thursday of last week.

A number of workshops took place throughout the day which were aimed at teaching the children about the environment.

There were workshops which involved creating art with vegetables and some where children created “litter bugs” with various bits of “junk” including cereal boxes and milk cartons.

In one part of the School the children were saving energy by having the lights off and working with sunlight from the window. Pupils learned about wind power creating their own turbines out of paper. They also learned about compost and were faced with the challenge of putting together a compost bin without instructions, they had to instead use the knowledge they learned from an earlier talk.

They also learned about bees and how hard they work. The children were given the challenge to work as hard as a busy bee and had to transfer water from one tub to another using a spoon.

The day worked towards teaching the children how to be sustainable and eco-friendly whilst having fun at the same time.