Take a seat at Wave Garden

Trevor Bradley on the new bench at Horizon's Wave Garden
Trevor Bradley on the new bench at Horizon's Wave Garden

Stonehaven’s popular beach front had a new bench installed at the Horizon group’s Wave Garden at the end of the year.

The bench was carved by local chainsaw artist, Dr David Roberts, and features a seal pup on the rocks being watched by an adult seal from the water.

The bench was installed on Hogmanay and caught the attention of passers-by.

Mike O’Hagan told us this week: “The project started in 2013 following contacts between the Horizon group and David Roberts.

“David has several other pieces of chainsaw artwork round the town: a dragon in the garden by the Backies, another in a front garden in Carron Terrace and a bench, featuring an owl, in the “Quad” at Mackie Academy.

“After a search for a suitable log, Trevor Bradley of Horizon was able obtain one from Aberdeen City Council’s depot. The log was from a beech tree - about 2.5m long by 1m diameter - weighing more than a ton and a half! It was delivered to the Wave Garden by McDougal & Masson.

“Inspired by chum Trevor’s project, I got involved.

“The council’s Flood Alleviation and Roads teams shifted the logs to a friend’s field where the mess and noise of carving would be less of a nuisance.

“David has carved the log into a bench, Trevor and I fitted the feet and Groundwater Forklift Trucks supplied transport to move the bench back to the Wave Garden just in time for New Year.

Trevor has anchored it down to stop it moving if the sea crosses the road.

‘‘We wish to thank Aberdeen City Council who supplied the log, McDougal & Masson who fetched it from the city, Aberdeenshire Council Flood Aleviation & Roads teams who moved it to the field, friends who let them use their field and moved things about with their tractor, David Roberts who carved the log into a bench, Groundwater Forklift Trucks who moved it back to the Wave Garden and, of course, Trevor Bradley and Horizon.