Take your foot off the gas ladies!

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YOUNG mums taking their children to and from Laurencekirk Primary School are being asked to “take their feet off the gas” particularly when passing along Garvocklea Gardens and Johnston Street.

Aberdeenshire Council put forward plans for traffic calming, including speed cushions, but these were objected to by Mearns Community Council for being unnecessary and a waste of money.

Jim Stuart told Monday’s meeting of the council: “The problem is at 9am and again at 3.30pm when mums are taking their kids to and from school.

“It surprises me they would be speeding with kids in the car, but I have been told that is the sole problem.

“There is a problem, but the traffic calming measures proposed are not the cure. Could we ask the police to monitor things?

“The proposals are a step too far, but we must try raise public awareness and get them not to speed in these areas.”

Marie Richards said the feedback she received said the proposals were not warranted and a waste of money and Denis Bell said there was a need for some sort of traffic calming.

“He suggested a 20 mph flashing sign which would operate at school times.”

Mr Stuart went on to request a pedestrian crossing at Kinnear Square.

“A lot of children cross the street there to play in the park and it is an accident waiting to happen.”

Provost Bill Howatson suggested that they ask for the area to be assessed as to suitability for a crossing.

Mr Stuart repeated his call for something to be done about Market Road, where an excessively wide pavement has left the road too narrow for two large vehicles to pass each other.

“I have seen more people driving on the pavement recently than on the road. There has been a design mistake and the council should be asked to re-address it.”

Yellow lines near the top of Station Road have forced vehicles to park further down the street. Mr Stuart said it was now so bad that he doubted whether emergency vehicles would get through.

Mr Stuart then made an out of character request for yellow lines at the top of Gardenstone Street at its junction with High Street, saying it was the only High Street junction without lines.

He went on to say that the area around the Masonic Hall should be opened up for parking to ease congestion on the High Street.

Hilda Kerr said there should be signs indicating that the car park behind Central Garage was a public car park and available for use.