Talk on job by the Community policeman

The second meeting of Mearns Probus Club for June was held in the Crown Inn, Laurencekirk, with President Charlie Black chairing the proceedings.

He welcomed a visitor Dr Eric Brew from Stonehaven who was accompanying past President Bob Mitchell.

The speaker for the day was introduced, Police Constable Gordon McQueen, the local Community policeman.

Gordon told his audience that he had been in the Grampian Police for 22 years and has had a wide range of training and experiences during that time.

He recalled the changes taken place since he joined and also the major change taking place next year when Grampian Police will disappear in its present form to become one Scottish Police Force.

Since being assigned to this area, he has made efforts to meet various groups and also to visit schools and let his presence be known as a Community Officer.

Other topics covered were relating to Road Safety issues.

Vehicles are dedicated to certain areas for a quick response and a campaign at present is called Safe Drive/Stay Alive in an attempt to reduce road accidents.

He talked about the effects on families of serious accidents and how the Police are heavily involved at all stages, dealing with the after effects.

Finally, Gordon emphasised that all members in the Community must accept responsibility for their actions, so that best use of available resources can be managed.

This was broken down into three main headings Priorities, Resources and Results, with a summary of each explained to his audience.

After the usual question and answer session past President Ian Davidson called on members to accord Gordon a vote of thanks for a very informative presentation.

The next meeting of the club will be on Monday July 2 in the Crown Inn, Laurencekirk at 10 am.