Talking Statue for the Market Square?

Stonehaven's Market Square
Stonehaven's Market Square

A talking statue that would provide tourists with information is one idea debated for rejuvenating Stonehaven’s Market Square.

Possible ideas were discussed when community groups met with Aberdeenshire Council prior to Christmas.

One suggestion was to erect a talking statue of local historical figure Captain Robert Barclay Allardyce of Ury, where people could access information via their tablets or smartphones after the installation of Wi-Fi mesh above the Market Square.

Also mooted was the possibility of removing some corner car park spaces to have more street furniture and motifs telling the history of Stonehaven.

Community council member and new vice-chair, Phil Mills-Bishop, said at Tuesday night’s meeting: “The meeting of the groups was to see what can be done to restore and reinvigorate the town for the summer months.

“One idea was the talking statue of Captain Barclay Allardyce, and also the possibility of removing some corner spaces and having motifs instead of tar in the Market Square and some street furniture to get the square back to its historical roots of being a meeting place.”

Robert Barclay Allardice (1779-1854) was the 6th Laird of Ury, and generally known as Captain Barclay, who was also the ‘Celebrated Pedestrian.’

His most famous feat was walking 1000 miles in 1000 hours for 1000 guineas in 1809.

He is considered the father of the 19th century sport of pedestrianism, a precursor to racewalking.

Captain Barclay’s father, who also had the same name, undertook the first redevelopment of Stonehaven.

n What do you think of the ideas?

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