Talks sought on Mearns danger junction

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Angus North and Mearns MSP Nigel Don wants to work with Aberdeenshire and Angus Councils to find ways of reducing the danger to motorists crossing the A90 at Laurencekirk.

He says both councils need to be involved as most of the danger arises when rush hour commuters, from Montrose and further south, travelling on the A937, attempt to cross the busy A90.

In a letter to Chief Executives Colin Mackenzie and Richard Stiff, Mr Don says, “I suspect we all recognise that the next serious accident is unfortunately only a matter of time which is why we need to pursue all available avenues to get the necessary engineering solution.”

Mr Don suggests that no single Council, Government or commercial organisation is likely to find the £13.5 million required to build a grade separated junction. “Although some money might be generated by development in the south of Laurencekirk, this won’t be enough to do the job. That’s why I have asked for a meeting with both Chief Executives so that we can develop a joint plan.

“This problem is not going to go away and a solution therefore has to be found; the sooner the better.”

A meeting took place recently between Montrose Lib Dem councillor David May, Laurencekirk resident Mike Robson, Jill Campbell (Laurencekirk junction campaigner) and Transport Scotland officers about the recently produced A90 Cost Refinement Exercise for a grade separate junction at Laurencekirk.

Councillor May commented: “The report which I was given a copy of is very comprehensive and will need careful examination though in the initial reading the costs vary from £15m. to £27m.

“There is still no doubt in my view that the laurencekirk junction should be a priority for our Scottish Government and I call on them now to include the junction in their list of transport priorities. I believe that the developments which have taken place and are planned both for Montrose as well as in Laurencekirk will realise the need for changes in this junction are even more necessary than they have been in the past.”

Mike Robson, chairman of Laurencekirk Villages in Control coomented: “I welcome the comprehensive report with its plans to improve the junctions with the A90 at Laurencekirk. It is very important that Scottish Government understands the impact on all users of the trunk road and A937 who will benefit from these proposals.”