Texas student

Laurencekirk Rotary was host to a cheery and enthusiastic Texan student, Jordan Williams, from Baylor University, Waco, Texas. After graduating in 2011 in Philosophy and Political Sciences, she was awarded a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship and granted admission to the University of St Andrews to study for a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies.

This course will provide her with an opportunity to work on issues relating to peace building and peace processes and she is soon to visit Bosnia to study a specific case in conflict analysis and hopes to drop into Sarajevo Rotary Club.

She is delighted with her sojourn in St Andrews and is only now becoming used to the size of Scotland compared to the vastness of Texas but observed that her home State would relish our abundant rainfall. However she was disappointed with the lack of snow.

Through a slick slide presentation, she informed the Rotarians of her home city of Athens, Texas, which has some 12,000 of a population and talked briefly about the architecture, buildings, gardens, her family and the famous Bluebonnet flowers that grow naturally in Texas and in no other location in the world.

She also assured her audience who had been reared on cowboy films that the trademark cowboy boots, Stetson hat and belt with big buckle still prevail in Texas.

Sandy Brown proposed the vote of thanks and greatly welcomed Jordan’s comforting assurance on the survival of cowboys! He also praised her ambition to travel, her choice of studies and wished her well wherever the future took her in her quest to bring peace to a troubled world.

President Maitland Wilson was delighted to welcome a visiting delegation of seven members of Blairgowrie Rotary Club led by their President Mike Dagnall.