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Primary School Quiz 2016 Picture Jim Henderson
Primary School Quiz 2016 Picture Jim Henderson

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Maryculter WRI

Maryculter WI celebrated their birthday in March with a meal at the Bevedere Hotel in Stonehaven . A lovely meal was enjoyed by all followed by tea and birthday cake kindly made and decorated by members S Pike and E Brainwood.President J Thomas proposed a vote of thanks for all involved in helping to make the party a great success.


Devllavaird WRI

Dellavaird WRI held a very successful whist and bulb show on Friday 11th March in Drumlithie Hall at 7.30pm. Alison Meston welcomed everyone. 12 tables were in play and the results were; Blue Card - 1st M Thomson, 2nd G Silver. Coins Jean Aitken, Pink Card - 1st W Robb, 2nd Arthur Gray, Cons Gena Warden, White Card - 1st Hazel Robson. 2nd F Craigmile, Cons Alison Meston, Yellow Card - 1st Ethel Wood, 2nd June Calder, Cons Sheila Campbell,

Michelle Black judged the bulbs and the results are as follows; 3 Blue Hyacinths - 1st Elsie Airth, 2nd Sheila Craigmile,

Hyacinth in Water - 1st Elsie Airth, 2nd Sheila Craigmile,

5 single tulips - 1st Elsie Airth, 2nd Alison Meston, 3rd Sheila Craigmile.

10 Daffodils - 1st Alison Meston, 2nd Sheila Craigmile, 3rd Elsie Airth, 1 Amarylliis - 1st Elsie Airth, 2nd Lorna Bey.

Pot Plant in Bloom - 1st Sheila Craigmile, 2nd Alison Meston, 3rd Lorna Bey, Miniature Bulbs in bowl - 1st Lorna Bey, 2nd Alison Meston, 3rd Elsie Airth, Arrangement of Spring Flowers - 1st Sheila Craigmile, 2nd Elsie Airth, 3rd Lorna Bey.

Most points and winner of the Singer Salver was Elsie Airth and runner up was Sheila Craigmile. The hostess prize went to Lorna Bey.

Shona Hutcheon was card master and after the raffle was drawn Alison proposed a hearty Vote of thanks to all for a lovely evening.

Members were reminded that the next meeting would be a week earlier on the 29th March. Joan Nicol will be demonstrating bag making. New members welcome


President Denis Bell introduced and welcomed Andy Hall to the first meeting of March, to talk on his latest book and his work with Photography,

Now resident in Stonehaven and retired after a career in teaching, Andy has kept busy with various aspects out-with education.

A committee member of the Grassick Gibbon centre at Arbuthnott and past President of the Fatherland Burns Club, he is involved with addressing various societies and WRI meetings and so on regarding his photography, his books and his choice of images.

He used some of the images from his book to illustrate his attempts to capture a scene, which may vary from city sky lines, west coast lochs, mountains and even ripples on a sea shore with intriguing patterns.

Early morning or early evening lighting, with cloud formations and various background sky colouring and shades all added to obtaining the final picture.

Obviously this can be a time consuming task simply waiting for the correct moment after many hours to get maybe only one chance to capture that image.

In his book he has chosen to not only illustrate that image, has provided quotes and extracts from various poets and writers, such as Violet Jacob, Norman McCaig, Edwin Muir, Robert Louis Stevenson, Kenneth Steven, Joan Eardley and Hugh McDairmaid.

A short DVD was played to display his pictures, with musical accompaniment by Duncan Chisholm on his violin.

Andy’s latest book was also available, should anyone have required a signed copy. It is entitled “Scotland’s Still Light”.

On behalf of the Mearns Club, Douglas Lamb thanked Andy for his presentation and talk.


President Mrs K Irvine welcomed members and visitors to our March meeting which included our annual Bulb Show. Mrs Irvine introduced Isobel Smith who gave a Floral Art Demonstration. Isobel demonstrated a vatiety of arrangements for all seasons, the arrangements were donated to the raffle which was drawn later in the evening.

Mrs M McBain and Mrs N Innes judged the bulbs :- 3 Pink Hyacinths 1st Mrs E Garden, 2nd Mrs E Meston, 3rd Mrs I Carnie 4th Mrs A Gauld. 5 Double Tulips 1st Mrs I Carnie, 2nd Mrs E Meston 3rd Mrs A Gauld. 5 Daffodils 1st Mrs E Meston 2nd Mrs I Collie, 3rd Mrs E Walker 4th Mrs E Garden. Bowl of own choice 1st Mrs E Meston, 2nd Mrs E Garden, 3rd Mrs I Collie 4th Mrs A Gauld. Miniature Arrangement 1st Mrs E Meston 2nd Mre E Pearson. Mrs M Mair gave the vote of thanks. Our next meeting will be held at Catterline Primary School on Thursday 21st April at 7.30pm where we will be entertained by Joe Wishart with songs and a talk on Scottish Music. All Welcome.

Stonehaven Rotary Club

The speaker at last Wednesday’s lunchtime meeting was Rotarian Bob Kennedy .The title for his presentation was “Would I recommend Journalism as a career to young people today?” Bob spoke about his career in journalism, starting at the Montrose Standard, from where he moved to the Sunday Post as an Editorial Assistant.

The Sunday Post was acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records as a newspaper which had reached a point of near saturation of the press market when it sold 1.1 million copies a week.

The sales figures now are less than 200,000. One of his jobs while he worked there was to produce 35 Quiz questions every week and he recalled producing numerous lists of questions for the approval of the editor, for some of which it would be difficult to find an answer.

The criterion for each question was that readers were meant to think, “My, I’ve often wondered about that”! Shortly after he arrived at the Sunday Post, he discovered that a major fashion event was taking place.

The hemlines of the clothes worn by the Broons women were being raised! He also recalled travelling home to Montrose at 1.45am on a Sunday morning in the lead lorry in a convoy, which was taking the newspapers to Aberdeen and points north adding that he only got the lift after helping to load the newspapers onto the lorries.

After 2 years with the Sunday Post he moved to work on the Dundee Courier, based in their Montrose office. Among other things, he reported on second division football home games and learned that a reporter should never leave a game early as he had done—but only once!!

From there he moved in 1970 to the Press and Journal and recalled how strong and diverse the economy was at that time-fishing, textiles, paper, food production and the developing oil and gas industry. He related a “learning experience” for him through another reporter’s experience in reporting on an alleged Pools win in Aberdeen (lesson-make sure you see the confirmation before you report on the win-don’t take the “winner’s” word for it) and a tricky situation for another reporter while covering the “Evening Express goes to a Wedding” feature.

He spoke also of the various reporting opportunities and experiences he had had while working with the P and J, covering the troubles in Northern Ireland with a journey in an armoured personnel carrier, the Falklands patrol and a trip on HMS Scylla, The Forties Oil field Switch on, Piper Alpha and the fire at the Athenaeum in Aberdeen as well as covering community council meetings, local court cases and the like.

His most gratifying experience was as the Fishing correspondent covering the protests about the effect of the Scotland Act on redrawing the fishing grounds, which was the first debate in the Scottish Parliament. Would he recommend journalism as a career? He concluded that if you are prepared to go anywhere, anytime despite the risks, it could be for you…just don’t expect to be popular! Vote of Thanks was by Douglas Knox.

On Tuesday 22 March Stonehaven Rotary Club organised an Awards presentation evening at Mackie Academy, as the culmination of the Rotary Young Photographer Competition.

There was an opportunity to see the photographs taken by pupils from Mackie and a number of the associated Primary schools, to hear the results of judging by three local expert photographers and to see the awards being presented to the winners. The competition is one of several national Rotary competitions organized by the Youth Service committee of Stonehaven Rotary Club.

Newtonhill WRI

Newtonhill WRI held their March meeting on 10th March in Skateraw Hall. President Mrs Zena McLeod welcomed the members and introduced the speaker Mrs Lynda Gordon, who is a local resident, in fact she lives next door to the hall, who gave a very interesting talk and slide show on her recent holiday to Antartica.

Lynda has travelled to many different places and has spoken on many occasions in Skateraw Hall about her travels, but, in my opinion this was one of the best. Her photography is amazing especially of the penguins, birds, seals and whales, as were the icebergs and iceflows. If you get the chance to go to one of her talks, don’t miss it, I’m sure you will enjoy it!!

Mrs McLeod gave the vote of thanks and tea was served. Business was attended to and the meeting was closed. Next meeting will be in Skateraw Hall on Thursday 14th April at 7.30pm in Skateraw Hall.

Competition-A Favourite Holiday Snap. 1st:-Mrs Skinner, 2nd:-Mrs Hopkins, 3rd:-Mrs

Gourdon SWI

Mrs Sheila Lownie welcomed all members followed by the reading of the minutes of the February meeting.

Unfortunately Scott from St Cyrus Nature reserve was unable to attend to talk but both Mrs Sheila Lownie and Mrs Morag Rees were both quiz masters for the evening, giving both logical and bird quizzes.

Mrs Margaret Shepherd judged both competitions and the winners were: Easter Card - 1st Mrs Morag Rees, 2nd Mrs Sheila Lownie, Sewn Bird - 1st Mrs Morag Rees, 2nd Mrs Sheila Lownie, 3rd Mrs Joyce Inglis

Mrs Shepherd also judged the Silver Salver, of which she donated and the results were: 1st Mrs Morag Rees, 2nd Mrs Sheila Lownie, 3rd Mrs Diane Dunbar. Next meeting will be Bingo Night on Saturday 9th April. Everyone welcome.