The Royal Arch Traffic Measures are they working?

Fettercairn Arch
Fettercairn Arch

Mearns Community Council are concerned that traffic measures put in place in Fettercairn are hindering the village.

Following last weeks Mearns Community Council (MCC) meeting at Mearns Community Campus MCC are asking local residents and users of the Fettercairn Royal Arch to get in touch with their views.

The community council are looking for local authority Aberdeenshire Council to review the traffic measures currently put in place including signage.

Mearns Community Councillor and Fettercairn resident Andy Hayes said: “We are trying to gather views from the local community on the changes made to prevent damage to the Royal Arch. In addition we can invite local residents to suggest proposals on what they would like to see.

“There have been a number of ‘complaints’ about what has been done on the ground to slow traffic and with regard to the changes to signage.

“Local businesses have stated that the changes have resulted in lower footfall.”

The road department for Aberdeenshire Council have stated that they are listening to complaints but want a calming period before they review the work.

Andy added: “The work was completed in March and at last nights meeting we felt that a date should be set for the review and July 31 was proposed. Between now and then we would appreciate it if you could run the piece that raises the opportunity for local residents to make their views known. We can then present the findings to the Roads Dept.”

Cllr George Carr has also voiced his concerns about the unsuitability of the road layout at Fettercairn Arch along with the Community Council, and endorsed July 31 as adequate time for comment back to Council roads officers.

He said: “Only this weekend a caravan got wedged on the arch and public spirited locals on a night out devoted considerable time to assist the motorist who approached the arch from the square, with little signs indicating that the road was unsuitable.

“Car scrapes, damaged wheels and bumpers are becoming regular issues being reported to me via complaints, and the black marks on the concrete reflect these problems.

“I am happy to continue to receive feedback from the public along with members of the Community Council. Photographic evidence is also desirable to illustrate the problems.”