The secret fundraising ingredient

A group of local youngsters will be holding a charity event this month to continue the inspiring fund-raising a Portlethen woman carried out up until her death earlier this year.

In 2010 a group of local young people formed musical group “The Augmented” and put on a concert in support of Friends of Roxburgh House and Spinal Research. The group, which compromises of seven young adults ranging from ages 14 to 26, raised over an astounding £10,000. Those involved have a background in singing and musical theatre and many are from the local area, such as Muchalls and Portlethen.

Their next venture, which will take place on Saturday 18 August, is in memory of a local woman who raised money for charity throughout her life. Dot Tadman from Portlethen lost her battle with cancer in April after her diagnosis three years ago. Mrs Tadman worked tirelessly all through her illness to raise money for cancer charity Friends of Anchor because she appreciated the great work they provided for her.

Mrs Tadman, who left behind her husband Bob and daughters Vikki and Jackie, compiled and published a celebrity cookbook called “The Secret Ingredient” which raised an impressive £22,000 for the charity. The cookbook, which also includes illustrations from local artists, had recipes from Tom Kitchin, Elaine C Smith, Alex Salmond and Nick Nairn, amongst many others.

Dot’s husband Bob Tadman said: “Dot chose to raise money for Friends of Anchor when she realised that every single penny you donate to them goes straight into providing facilities and services for people with cancer. I’m really happy with what these young people are doing for the charity, I think it’s great.”

There was no funeral for Mrs Tadman as her body was donated to medical science, so musical group “The Augmented” wanted to create an event to pay tribute to the life and work of Dot and give support to her family by continuing the successful fund-raising in her name.

On August 18 “The Augmented” will hold a concert in Holburn West Church. The performance has been named: “The Augmented - The secret ingredient” in memory of Mrs Tadman and her cookbook success.

Kate Ward, co-ordinator of the group, was Mrs Tadman’s community nurse and was touched by her fund-raising efforts. Mrs Ward’s son and daughter also sing in the group, she said: “The group perform some amazing songs and have a fantastic amount of talent. I have never been so proud of them all for doing this.

“Young people get so much bad press but they have, and do, demonstrate that there is good out there. The work these guys are doing for the benefit of cancer sufferers all over Grampian is great.

“I always want people to hear them because when you say its a bunch of kids singing for charity people presume it’s going to be amateur, but they’re not, they’re amazing. People are always really impressed with them!”

Tickets for the concert are available to buy from Jane’s Design Studio in Stonehaven or by contacting Kate Ward on or 07719702118.