The unlucky day - Friday the 13th

Montrose Review reporter Hannah Messer has a black cat called Ringo
Montrose Review reporter Hannah Messer has a black cat called Ringo

The unlucky day, freaky Friday or, simply put, Friday the 13th. You’ve seen that penny....better pick it up and the rest of the day you’ll.....!

Seeing as our publication date for this paper was Friday the 13th, was there a better page to discuss the mystical day than page 13 itself?



It’s a day above all else where all those superstitions you didn’t believe in will creep out from the back of your mind to the front.

Did you know that the Spanish and the Greeks believe Tuesday the 13th is the unlucky day?

Also, in Italy, 13 is seen as a lucky number and Friday the 17th is the unlucky day.

Nowadays, there is a name for almost every fear imagineable and a fear of Friday the 13th also has one: ‘Friggatriskaidekaphobics.’

And, you’ve guessed it,no one in our office is 100% confident of how to even start pronouncing it.

Since our publication date fell on the unlucky day, it got people in the office talking about what they are all superstitious about.

Editor Mike Rankin - who commutes 500 miles a week - growled ‘‘not much,’’ before admitting that car troubles came to mind.

People always remember if something bad happened to them on Friday the 13th, but is it all to do with the association?

Despite all those uneventful ones you won’t remember, one accident, near miss or slight fall on the 13th will forever be associated with the day.

We have already had a Friday the 13th in September, a date on which our front page proudly stated ‘Simple Minds Concert is alive and kicking..’

With the office talk abuzz about the day, we went to our Facebook page to ask readers in Kincardine and Mearns about their superstitions.

Nikki Mitchell said: “I always salute lone magpies, so I don’t get sorrow.”

Helen Davies added: “I am a great believer that we make our own luck and superstition is giving our power to something else rather than ourselves..but I used to hate spilling salt.. and always had to throw some over me shoulder.”

Jackie Thompson said: “don’t put an umbrella up in the house, not sure why though?”

So when did Friday the 13th become all about bad luck?

Many believe that because Friday was an unlucky day (I don’t know why since it’s the start of the weekend) and 13 is considered unlucky that the two make the unluckiest of days.

Others believe that it dates back to biblical times and, since Christ died on a Friday and the 13th guest betrayed him, that Friday the 13th is the unluckiest day.

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