Theatre group show thrills

Last Saturday evening, (March 24), saw the final performance of The Wizard of Oz at Mackie Academy which was being performed by the adult and junior sections of Act Show Allez Theatre Group.

The 10 adults and 31 children who took part in the show must be congratulated on a splendid show, with the adults all performing well - it would be impossible to single out a particular character as they had us all believing in them from the very beginning.

The children, the majority of whom I believe were from various local schools, took the stage by storm in a riot of colour and enthusiasm and are to be congratulated on their talent and discipline in which, for many of them, was their first ever appearance on a stage.

Who could fail to be charmed by the Munchkins, frightened by the Jitterbugs and impressed by the marching skills of even the smallest Soldiers.

It was a great night and I hope we will see them again before too long.