Three have become one in volunteering

Three organisations have joined forces to have one Aberdeenshire-wide advocate and voice in the volunteering sector.

Bridge CVS, CVSA Central & South and Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire have amalgamated to establish Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action.

The new organisation is to champion the voluntary sector and volunteering in Aberdeenshire.

Ken Milroy, CEO of the award-winning social enterprise Aberdeen Foyer, is the independent Chair of a Steering Group overseeing the establishment of the new organisation.

Fresh from leading the regionalisation of Further Education in the North East and now appointed by the Scottish Government as the first Chair of North East Scotland College, Ken is bringing his experience to the Steering Group.

A CEO of a charity and social enterprise himself, Ken helped birth K&D Voice, one of the early CVS organisations operating in Aberdeenshire.

Ken is joined on the Steering Group by the Chairs of each of the three founding organisations and all are ably supported by Avanté Consultin.

Aberdeenshire Council has provided personnel support and Karen McWilliam from the Council’s Community Services, has joined the Avanté team.

The organisation is hoped to be up and running by the end of the year and have open evenings planned on August 13 & 14 in the north and south of Aberdeenshire.

For more information on the open evenings or the Board recruitment process go to