Toothless council

MEARNS Community Council have been left wondering exactly what their role is after a Mearns councillor voted against their express wishes at the area committee.

At their last meeting, the community council backed a request by Friends of Garvock that the area committee carry out a site visit before deciding on a planning application for a wind turbine at Smiddyhill, Garvock.

At the subsequent area committee, three Mearns councillors voted for a site visit, but councillor Jean Dick did not and in fact voted for approval of the application.

The matter was raised by community council chairman David Nelson, but councillor Dick was in no mood to be censured by anyone saying: “You do not direct a councillor how to vote. I voted according to the presentation the applicant gave as I found it convincing.

“I don’t just represent the community council, I represent the wider community. It would just have been delaying things to go on a site visit.”

Mr Nelson said: “What impact are we having. The views of the community council should carry a bit more weight. We are toothless.”

Councillor George Carr said: “It is not easy being a councillor. You have to weigh up everything and in the end go on your own instincts, then stand by your decision.”