Top-up Budget money allocated

Money from the top-up budget was allocated by Councillors at Kincardine and Mearns area committee to support the purchase of a new mini-bus for the area.

Stonehaven Minibus User Group were awarded £4,000.00 to help in the replacement of the existing 10 year old Stonehaven and District Community minibus. The total cost for the group’s new minibus will be £45,000.00.

Councillors were told that funds in place at the moment are £25,000.00, from existing funds raised from minibus charges,

£10,000.00, grant from Stonehaven and District Community Development Group and the remainder will be raised through fundraising by the Minibus User group. Councillors agreed unanimously to allocate the finds for the mini-bus which was described as a “lifeline” for users.

Money was also allocated from the top-up budget to Drumlithie Gardening Group for £225.00 to assist with the purchase of planters for the village. The planters will be sited around the village to enhance the appearance of the village. The total project cost is £450 with the remaining budget being raised by the Community Association.

Prior to Tuesday’s Kincardine and Mearns Area committee meeting there was £5,956.23 remaining in the area top-up budget, this is now £1731.23 to be allocated by the budget until the end of the financial year.

At the meeting Councillors were also told that due to a lack of demand for the Arbuthnott Broadband project, which did not manage to get 38 households to sign up to the scheme, money from that would go to Friends of the Open Air Pool.

With only 13 households signed up utilising only £1,197.37 from the original £3,500.00 award, the remaining balance of £1,245.00, from last year’s budget, will go to the Friends of the Open Air Pool.