Town’s vandalism

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Concerns have been raised by Stonehaven residents and shopkeepers following a recent spate of vandalism in the town centre.

Over the past few months many shopkeepers have arrived at their workplace to find a window completely smashed or partially damaged. The majority of vandalism is not thought to be an attempted robbery but rather people choosing to damage property for the sake of it or as a result of a “mistake”.

Most recently, on Sunday 3 June, one of the town’s charity shops Far and Wide on Evan Street was targeted. This incident was unusual because it took place in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon in an area usually busy with pedestrians and passing cars.

Grampian Police say it occurred between 12pm and 2pm and it’s thought the cost of damage would be in the region of a high three figure sum.

Others shops in the area have been targeted over the last few months.

New takeaway shop Jenni Mac’s had been only open for a number of days when one of their two front windows was smashed in a mindless act of vandalism.

The Spar on Allardice Street has also been a recent target, as has recently closed restaurant Stella’s and many other small, local businesses in and around the Market Square.

With the vandalism at Far and Wide an exception, it is thought many of the incidents occurred in the early hours of the morning with revellers out visiting the pubs and clubs situated in the central area of the town.

Many of these incidents are deliberate and ignorant to the extent a damaged window can do to a business and the annoyance it can cause a shopkeeper. One of the recent incidents happened because someone was pushed and collided with the window resulting in it smashing, yet many are smashed just for the sake of it.

Shopkeepers fear if this valdalism continues the will need to install shutters in front of their shops to avoid having to fork out hundreds of pounds for new windows because of someones mindless behaviour. Residents are concerned what kind of negative message of the town this will send to people visiting.