Transport and jobs priorities for youth

Young people in the Mearns are worried about their future job prospects, and see better public transport as a priority.

Speaking after a meeting in Laurencekirk with the Mearns Youth Forum, local MSP Nigel Don said he was impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment of the young people he met.

“Jobs and transport were priorities, but the young people also had a lot to say about the effectiveness of drugs and alcohol education, as well as community safety,” said Mr Don.

“They felt that young people get a bad press which is generally not deserved.

“One of the useful things we did was talk about how to raise issues in the right place. For example, we talked about lighting for a local skate park, and whilst it’s something I’m interested to know about it’s really something to bring up with local councillors.

“I was also able to reassure the group that the Scottish Government is encouraging businesses to create employment. I strongly believe that young people who work hard at their studies and show initiative will find their way in life, and I was very encouraged by the positive attitudes of the young people I met at the Youth Forum.

“I’m looking forward to working closely with them over the years to come.”

Also at the meeting and taking part in a lively Question and Answer session was Andrew Deans, a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament.