Transport Group to be launched

The Kincardine and Mearns community is to have a new group called Transport Action Kincardineshire or TrAK for short.

The decision was made by 19 attendees at a meeting supported by the Kincardineshire Development Partnership on September 20 at Stonehaven Community Centre.

There was consensus among the participants that the present consultation channels on transport matters were unsatisfactory and that a pressure group should be formed to promote the Kincardine and Mearns community’s views. They agreed the remit would include all forms of transport and that the meetings would be open to anyone wishing to attend.

Discussion followed on how the Community Empowerment Act might be used to gain greater influence and who might be invited to address the meetings. Examples were also given on how some low cost innovations could make a difference to the experience of travellers.

The next open meeting is at Stonehaven Community Centre on Tuesday October 18 when a committee will be elected and a decision taken on what project TrAK should initially pursue.