Bervie Braes debate- What do you think?

bervie braes
bervie braes

We want to hear your views on the Bervie Braes.

Aberdeenshire Council is in the middle of statutory consultation with organisations around Stonehaven about weight and speed restrictions on the road.

The proposals which were first looked at in October were to have a 20-30mph speed limit, 2.2m width limit and 3t weight limit for the road.

Last month there was split opinion on whether the Bervie Braes should open all year round.

Councillors all agreed at the last Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee meeting that a report showed that the re-opening of the road had economically been a positive thing for the town, but they could not agree on whether the re-opening should be extended for a full year.

The local community campaigned for the road to be reopened following a major landslip in 2009. Currently the road is one way from April until October.

We want to hear your views on the Bervie Braes, should it be open all year round? Should the weight and speed restrictions be put in place?

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