Community council driven to criticise Portlethen roads


Police and the council came under fire in Portlethen this week, amid claims not enough is being done to improve road standards and safety.

Kincardine and Mearns area manager, Willie Munro, and Stuart Ednie from Police Scotland, attended Tuesday night’s meeting of Portlethen and District Community Council to hear about issues causing concern regarding the roads in the town.

Recent repair jobs to Bruntland Road and Muriend Road were criticised, with community councillor Carol Dawson branding them as “cheap jobs” creating a “false economy.”

She added: “If the council are contracting out their work to cheap labour, it creates a false economy if it needs to be done again a few months down the line.”

Mr Munro insisted that any companies contracted by the local authority were on an approved list.

However, the majority of the discussion surrounded road safety, or the lack of it, around Portlethen Primary School.

Community councillor Ian Bruce said that 80% of parents were concerned about cars and buses outside the school, in particular inappropriate parking during drop off and pick up times, and speeding.

He said: “These danger hotspots outside the school have been highlighted to the police and council for over a year, and yet no one os being punished for parking on double yellow lines and nothing is being done about it.”

Mr Bruce suggested that painting the word ‘SCHOOL’ on the road might be an effective deterrent. Mr Ednie said that he would take on board the comments.