Double yellows confusion at Stonehaven parking bay

The double yellow markings have caused confusion amongst residents, who believe the area is reserved for tourist coaches.
The double yellow markings have caused confusion amongst residents, who believe the area is reserved for tourist coaches.

An area of the Market Square in Stonehaven, which had been set aside for tourist coach parking, has been painted with double yellow lines.

This week Michelle Ward, from Stonehaven Town Partnership (STP), spoke of her frustration over the matter.

She told the Leader: “The coach parking bay has gone in as double yellow lines. I fail to understand how this will attract coach business to Stonehaven, making it illegal for anyone to park there.

“I have called [Aberdeenshire Council] who say there was a legal issue and they couldn’t come up with the correct wording- but not to worry, the police won’t give coaches a ticket. What an absolute joke.”

The area is also planned to be a stopping off point for the land train, which is expected to be up and running within the next fortnight.

A spokesperson for thecouncil said: “To provide a permanent stopping point, authorisation is required from the Scottish Government, including the signage and road markings to be used.

“Although it is possible to provide a bus stop as a dedicated area for coaches, restrictions mean the land train cannot use established bus stops.

“The approach being taken will allow coaches and the land train to wait on the length of the road covered by the order for as long as necessary to drop off or pick people up.

The council’s head of transportation, Ewan Wallace, said: “We are aware that this temporary arrangement is causing some frustration in the town, but we have to work within the regulations set down by national legislation for signage and road markings until a dispensation to do otherwise is granted.

‘‘At the moment, double yellow lines are being used, as this prevents parking but does allow passengers to be picked up and dropped off.

‘‘ We hope to be able to clarify the signage and road markings in due course if we get the appropriate approval.”

The council will be able to progress a permanent order if authorisation for non-standard signage and road markings is granted by the Scottish Government.

A report will go to the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee in due course seeking authorisation to consult on a permanent order. In the long term, it is proposed to restrict parking from April to September to allow coaches to use the space, allowing it to be used by anyone for the rest of the year.