Drivers given a steer on new roundabout

Chapelton of Elsick
Chapelton of Elsick

A local councillor is appealing to drivers to take care at a new roundabout at the Newtonhill flyover after a number of near-misses.

The roundabout is being built on the west side of the Newtonhill flyover to give access to the new town of Chapelton, and, while work is continuing, the roundabout is ready for use.

Councillor Ian Mollison said: “A number of residents have told me about drivers who have driven the wrong way round the roundabout. I too have seen drivers go anti-clockwise.”

“It looks like a roundabout and there are lots of warning cones,.

“It is very worrying that so many drivers seem unable to recognise it for what it is.

“I have asked the developers to consider putting up even more road signs. Hopefully that might do the trick.”

The founding ceremony for the new town took place last October, when construction work began.

The initial portion of the town to be developed will include 4045 homes.