Funding boost to get Portlethen walking


Aberdeenshire Council has secured £690,000 of funding for a number of different projects in various areas, including Portlethen.

Hubs for walking, cycling and public transport will be created in Portlethen as well as Ellon and Fraserburgh under the ‘Integrated Travel Towns’ (ITTs) banner.

Aberdeenshire Council has secured funding of around £690,000 for the next two years from the sustainable transport charity SUSTRANS.

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, Peter Argyle, said: “With this funding from SUSTRANS and support from our regional transport partners at Nestrans, we are now able to build on this good work, applying lessons learned to other towns, helping to further establish Aberdeenshire as a healthy and sustainable place to live.”

Aberdeenshire Councillor Ian Molliosn said: “I have now had a conversation with the council officer responsible for taking this forward.

‘‘He tells me that they will be reviewing what has been done/mentioned/complained about in Portlethen in recent times. Officers will also be in touch with local councillors and Portlethen Community Council in the coming weeks.

“Some previous work has been done with regard to encouraging cycling and walking, for example to Badentoy.

“There are also aspirations to link Portlethen to communities further north and south.

“A fresh look will also be taken about how Hillside links with Portlethen, both for cyclists and walkers.

“Of course there already is a significant cycle and footway network in place in much of the area.

“Aberdeenshire Council already has a good track record in this respect, having won awards for similar work at Peterhead. This is really good news.”