Road Safety Initiative stops 82 cars

Police in Kincardine and Mearns carried out a Road Traffic Initiative between November 26 and 28 to promote the Aberdeenshire and Moray Division priority of Road Safety and Road Crime.

The main aims of the initiative were to enforce road traffic legislation and educate drivers in relation to driving standards and promote drivers personal responsibility.

The initiative was set up and run by Constables Mark Skelly and Kerri Johnston, from Laurencekirk Police Office. Several “hotspots” were identified prior to the initiative and targeted during it. As a result, 82 drivers were educated in relation to their manner of driving and told about the importance of carrying out winter car checks to make sure their vehicle was properly prepared for any bad weather.

Eighteen drivers were issued with parking tickets, as a result of parking on either double yellow lines or in the restricted area of a pedestrian crossing.

Five tickets were issued to drivers with defective lights, seven to drivers either talking on their mobile telephones while driving or running red lights and one ticket was issued to a driver who was not wearing his seat belt.

High visibility patrols were also carried out on roads such as the A937 Marykirk to Montrose, A92 Stonehaven to Montrose road and on the A90 between North Water Bridge and Aberdeen, in relation to various issues brought up by the community council members in these local areas.

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