Tullo Wind Farm extension plan

Eneco is investigating the potential to extend its Tullo Wind Farm, located near Laurencekirk.

The wind farm, which came into operation in September 2010, currently comprises seven turbines, generating electricity to meet the needs of 9,000 homes.

Eneco is exploring the potential to extend the current project and has submitted a scoping request to Aberdeenshire Council. The report defines the issues that will be covered in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) required to support a planning application for an extension.

Eneco is committed to communicating with and responding quickly to the interests and concerns of the local community throughout the planning process and development of the Tullo Wind Farm Extension. Public consultation on the project will take place once elements of the EIA have been completed.

The size of the turbines and resulting output will be guided by feedback during this consultation process, as well as by the findings of the EIA.

Eneco welcomes feedback from the local community about the proposed Tullo Wind Farm Extension. Please email comments to info@tullowindfarm.co.uk or visit the website at www.tullowindfarm.co.uk for further information.