Underpass planned

Following public consultation the Elsick Development company is re-thinking it’s design for the Bourtree junction on the A90 at Portlethen.

A spokesperson for the Elsick Development company said: “We undertook to review the draft design for an upgraded junction on the A90 at Bourtreebush, following consultation with the residents of Portlethen and taking their concerns into account. We are continuing to develop the design in conjunction with the relevant statutory bodies and believe we now have a workable option for an underpass which will be significantly less obtrusive for local residents than an overpass. Studies have led us to believe that the underpass would not have any effect on Portlethen Moss due to its distance and the intervening soil types.

“When the plans are finalised, we intend to make the results of the design work public, along with the results of all the broader work we have carried out in response to the consultation on the planning applications submitted last September. The intention is that this will be at a public exhibition in late May or early June, depending on the availability of a suitable venue.”

Alison Evison, Scottish Labour candidate in North Kincardine, was pleased by this development.

She said: “Richard Baker MSP and I had been campaigning alongside local residents for a re-think to the fly-over which had originally been proposed for this junction. We were very concerned that the original plans were going to cause unreasonable disturbance to the residents who live close to the junction. We are delighted that this issue has now been recognised.

“We are awaiting with interest the detailed plans for this junction which are expected at the end of May. We will then be able to make further comment about any likely impact on Bruntland Road and the local environment.”