Users meet to discuss new Laurencekirk pavilion

A new pavilion in the Memorial Park may be a small step closer following a meeting of park users held in Laurencekirk.

The meeting, on October 18, was called by Mearns community councillor Denis Bell who is driving the pavilion project on behalf of the council.

It was attended by representatives of St Laurence FC, Villages in Control, the Youth Forum and the Play Park Group.

Mr Bell said steps are to be taken to find out if there are restrictions on the part of the park which is the Episcopal Church glebe.

Villages in Control have taken on to open discussions to secure the land for the benefit of the community.

Those at the meeting decided they could not select a site for the pavilion until it was established if they had the whole of the park to work with without any restriction.

The existing tennis/multi-purpose courts are used by the football club for training and they asked if they could be enlarged as part of the overall development. Jim Stuart said this would make the project more sustainable.