Views sought on Recreation Grounds

Stonehaven's Recreation Grounds
Stonehaven's Recreation Grounds

Stonehaven Recreation Ground Trustees are looking to the community to help develop facilities in the town.

The Trustees have said that they now have opportunities to create more varied facilities in Stonehaven and want the community to give them their feedback.

Dale Harris a Trustee for Stonehaven Recreation Grounds said: “The Trustees are seeking the opinions of the Stonehaven community on what recreational facilities they would like to see at the recreation grounds and we have developed a short online survey to gather your views.

“We should stress that this survey is only the first small step in examining what the community would ideally like to see and would use at the grounds and how much redevelopment of the site would be needed to fulfil this requirement.”

There has been a considerable degree of interest in the land that the recreation grounds occupy from groups outside of the Trustees. The Trustees chose not to comment on the ideas by other groups.

The Trust are bound by the restrictions within the Trust deeds for the grounds which stipulate that the land must be used for recreational purposes.

With the Long Lease (Scotland) Act coming into force at the end of 2015 the title to the recreation grounds lands passed to the Trustees.

This act came into force in November 2015 and meant that the title to the recreation grounds land passed to the Trustees of the grounds.

Dale added: “This act does not change the bounds of the Trust nor the requirements placed upon the Trustees to use the grounds for recreational purposes.

“However, having this land now opens opportunities for the Trustees to develop greater and more varied recreational facilities.

“It has been sad that Stonehaven has suffered a loss of facilities over the years, such as the squash courts at the old County Hotel.”

The Recreation Ground Trustees will be looking to engage with residents and keep them in the loop regarding feedback.

Dale said: “After this initial data gathering exercise we will happily share the results and if and when any draft plans are to be put forward, then the Trustees will engage with feedback sessions and input from the wider community.

“We would greatly appreciate your thoughts and our survey can be found via a link on our Facebook page or directly at”