Warning after “sub-standard” job

Stonehaven woman Maria Coll is warning local residents to obtain references first before employing tradesmen, especially those who might canvass for work by means of leaflets pushed through doors.

Maria, who lives in Cameron Street, responded to one such leaflet and commissioned work to replace the gutterings and downpipes at her home.

Now, - she alleges - the work has proved to be sub-standard and all attempts to have the workmen return and put things right have failed.

Maria said: “I asked for the work to be done back in November and five men turned up.

“They replaced all the gutterings and downpipes at my home and I paid £1,000 in cash.

“The first time it rained, the water was cascading down the sides of my house.

“The gutterings hadn’t been put up properly, they couldn’t take the weight of the water and the downpipes were not in line with the drains below.

“I have rung them several times asking them to come back and put things right but they have never been back.

“A man said he would be back, he then said if I could get someone to to a better job I could go right ahead.

“The most recent call I made to him he said he didn’t know me and had never heard from me before.”

Maria has no reason to believe that the gutterings and downpipes supplied are in any way inferior, but fears that she may have lost her money and that she is going to have to employ someone else to put things right.

“I want to warn people to obtain references before they employ someone in these circumstances. I have learned my lesson and I hope others will do the same.

“The leaflet had a Stonehaven landline number and a mobile number on it. I thought I would be all right as there was a landline number and I thought I was giving work to someone local.”

This newspaper rang the number on the leaflet and the man who answered, who declined to be named, insisted that he intended to go back and put the job right.

The man said he had been injured in a fall at work and this, combined with the weather and the festive holidays had prevented him getting back.

He said he would telephone his customer and make arrangements to do the work as soon as possible.

Just before going to press we learned from Maria Coll that the man had indeed been in touch to apologise and had said he would be there this week.