Watch your purse campaign

Shoppers in Aberdeenshire are being urged to be vigilant against purse snatchers this festive season as part of a new country-wide safety campaign.

Under the Watch Your Purse campaign, shoppers are being warned to watch out for would-be thieves and to take precautions to keep their purses, wallets and personal belongings safe from pickpockets over the Christmas and New Year period.

The campaign has been launched by the Scottish Business Crime Centre and is aimed at educating shoppers across Scotland about the dangers of festive thieves.

Gary Ritchie, Assistant Director at SBCC, said that by taking a few simple steps shoppers could protect themselves against Christmas heartache and keep their possessions safe from opportunistic thieves.

“Often it isn’t the actual loss of the purse that’s the worst thing, it is the subsequent upheaval of cancelling and replacing cards and house keys and the possible loss of personal items like photographs and mementoes.

“Clearly there are security issues in changing or replacing cards but equally there is always the danger of someone else trying to use your identity. It’s a huge problem over the festive season, when opportunistic thieves target Christmas shoppers, but you can protect yourself by taking a few simple precautions.

“Under no circumstances should you keep your PIN in your wallet or purse, as this gives thieves the easiest chance to steal your money. In addition, you should make sure your bag is zipped and with you at all times as thieves are quick and will be looking out for easy opportunities to snatch your wallet or purse.

“Our tips are fairly common sense but in the mad rush of things they are often forgotten. Things like making sure purses and wallets are out of sight and secure are vital to prevent being left vulnerable to theft this Christmas.

“People should also keep an eye out for friends on nights out and ensure they also keep their bags secure. Be vigilant at all times and ensure sure you make it as difficult as possible for a thief to make a snatch and grab when you are out in town this Christmas and New Year.”