Wave warning for local youngsters

Stonehaven resident Kevin Hutchens has issued a warning to local youngsters who are putting themselves in danger by playing near the water’s edge at Stonehaven beach, particularly late at night.

Mr Hutchens, a former member of the Community Safety Committee, said that on Friday at around 9pm, he saw three youngsters, aged around 12 or 13, playing in the waves at the mouth of the River Cowie.

“The kids were fully-clothed and seemed to be daring the waves to come in and sweep them away.

“When I chaired the the Community Safety Committee, we worked with the Coastguard on the Seasmart campaign, which warned of the dangers of playing in the sea without supervision.

“The water was cold and if a big wave had caught these children they would have been in trouble.

“I spoke to the police. They know about the situation and share my concerns about safety near the water.

“If these children had got into difficulties, the emergency services would have had a difficult job getting to them.

“I do not want to be a killjoy, but these people must realise that safety comes first. They must be safe and be aware of the dangers.”