We need funding!

Dunnottar Primary School
Dunnottar Primary School

As Stonehaven and Lower Deeside’s newly elected members complete the first week of their new term, they have been called upon to fight for the necessary funding to support the town’s struggling infrastructure.

Community councillor Jim Stephen this week called on the elected members, and his fellow community councillors, to put a renewed pressure on Aberdeenshire Council to secure new schools, a medical centre, and leisure centre for Stonehaven, as well as work improve the state of the roads.

Speaking at the Stonehaven and District community council on Tuesday evening, Jim said: “For over a decade now Stonehaven has been sorely missing out on money for our schools, doctors surgery, and leisure centre, as well as the potholes throughout the town.

“Stonehaven has missed out and the money has gone elsewhere in Aberdeenshire. I know it’s not for lack of trying, but something has gone wrong somewhere and Stonehaven has missed out.

“People in the town are beginning to feel like we will never get it. I’m sure we would get the support of everyone for these issues. We need our elected members, community council and local groups to all come together and push for funding for Stonehaven.”

Community council Chairman Phil Mills-Bishop pointed out that, despite the previous efforts of the community council and elected councillors, and the fact that despite the fact that Dunnottar Primary School is over capacity, “it is not even in the 15 year Aberdeenshire Council Capital plan”.

Community councillor Alan Hunter added: “Our administration areas are far too big and we need more local control.”

Several members commented that they should focus on pushing through one issue, rather than asking for too much. Mr Stephen agreed: “We need to focus on what’s achievable. But I think that we need to have a renewed focus.” The community council agreed to work with elected members to try to find a way forward.