Welcomes The Philosophy Cafe

In response to local interest, the Philosophy Cafe is coming to the new library at Mearns Academy Community Campus on Wednesday, November 11 at 2pm.

The Discussion leader is Donald Patterson from the University of Aberdeen and the topic is “Learning from Archaeology”. The discussion costs £3 at the door.

The Philosophy Café is a charitable organisation featuring a partnership between the University of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Libraries. The purpose of the Philosophy Café is to provide a varied and accessible programme of academic led discussion in local venues across Aberdeenshire.

The café events are supported by academics from a range of disciplines and last year more than 300 people took part in venues across Aberdeenshire.

Many people attending have welcomed the opportunity to meet with others, engage with an academic in their home setting and forge new friendships.

Helen Dewar Treasurer of the The Philosophy Café said: “The Philosophy Café is still a fairly new concept and owes much of its success to word of mouth recommendation by participants who can reassure others that the café is indeed designed for the layman and is fun and non-threatening. Those who attend report a very positive experience and ask for more frequent cafes. and many now travel to neighbouring districts to attend Cafes more frequently.

“The Philosophy Café is supported by Foundation Scotland and is currently working on a Winter /Spring programme designed to bring a range of speakers to new areas of Aberdeenshire, particularly those at a distance from Aberdeen City.

“We welcome the opportunity to visit the Mearns and invite folks to come along and enjoy a relaxed, informed discussion.”

For more information go to: www.thephilosophycafe.org or email: converse@thephilosophycafe