Who’s standing in our area

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As the race for Holyrood heats up and the date for candidate registration passing on Friday, April 1, who is standing for election?

Scotland will head to the polls on Thursday, May 5 with 16 and 17-year-olds eligible to vote.

This will be the fifth Scottish Parliamentary elections since the Parliament was established back in 1999.

With the Scottish Parliament dissolved at the end of March the campaigning is underway to elect 129 members to the Scottish Parliament.

In the Mearns Leader and Kincardineshire Observer patch there are two constituencies which will be contested. They are Aberdeen South and North Kincardine and North Angus and Mearns.

In both Aberdeen South and North Kincardine and North Angus and Mearns there are four candidates standing for election from Scottish Labour, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, Scottish National Party and the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

The list of candidates include the current minister for Public Health, the current chair for education at Aberdeenshire Council, an Aberdeen City Councillor and a party member of three years.

They are: Maureen Watt (SNP), Alison Evision (Scottish Labour), John Waddell (Scottish Liberal Democrats) and Ross Thomson (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party).

In Angus North and Mearns standing for election is a current MSP, an Angus councillor, a disability support worker and Energy worker for NHS Tayside. They are: Mairi Evans (SNP), Alex Johnstone (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party), Euan Davidson (Scottish Liveral Democrats) and John Ruddy (Scottish Labour).

Scotland will vote under the Additional Members System (AMS). Under this system voters will have two votes, one for the consituency and one for a regional contest. Twelve parties have put up candidates to contest the regional list for North East of Scotland. They are: Communitst Party of Britain, RISE, Scottish Christian Party, Scottish Conservative, Scottish Green Party, Scottish Labour Party, Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Libertarian Party, Scottish National Front, SNP, Solidarity and UKIP.