Wind turbine applications in the Mearns

wind turbine
wind turbine
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Currently there are five applications for wind turbines in the Mearns area with the expiry date for public comment for two of the applications coming within the next couple of weeks.

One site is being proposed at land to north of Collieston Farm in Fordoun.

The application seeks full planning permission for erection of one 11kW (18.4m to Hub, 24.9m to blade tip) wind turbine.

The expiry date for public comment on this application is Thursday, August 29.

The other proposed site is land north west of Annamuick in Fetteresso.

The application is for full planning permission to erect one 850kW (49m to hub height, 75m total height) wind turbine with construction of an access track, crane pad and meter house.

Expiry date for public comment on this application is next Thursday, August 22.

Full details of planning applications can be found on Aberdeenshire Council’s website, where public comment can be made at