WRI Reports

Dellavaird WRI

President H. Robson chaired the annual business meeting and welcomed two members from Drumlithie WRI who counted the votes. The newly elected committee comprises: President J. Stear, Vice President S. Hutcheon, Secretary G. Potter, Treasurer L. Wade, Press Secretary S. Craigmile, Committee Members S. Campbell, E. Foreman and A. Meston. Drumlithie Hall Representative is A. Meston.

Thanks were expressed to H. Robson, our retiring president for her contribution over the years she had served.

Congratulations went to H. Robson who won the annual monthly competitions points award with J. Stear runner-up and to E. Airth who won the annual award for most points from the flower of the month competition.

The evening’s entertainment was supplied by some of our own members in the form of a sketch, poems and show of work. A lovely tea from our hostesses W. Singer and A. Meston was enjoyed, before the prizes were awarded for the monthly competitions, judged by Gladys and Marjory, our visitors.

Winners were as follows: Knitted piece of fruit: 1 H. Robson 2 E. Foreman 3 J. Stear. Flower of the month: E. Foreman.

S. Hutcheon proposed the vote of thanks.

Gourdon WRI

President Sheila Lownie welcomed guests and members to the Business Meeting.

Minutes of last meeting were read and approved and the treasurer’s report was also given. Guests from Catterline SWRI gave us an excellent evening of entertainment, ranging from poetry reading, quiz and other games and a demonstration of scone making.

Results of the ballot for President and Committee for the new session are as follows: President Sheila Lownie. Committee: Joyce Inglis, Catherine Taylor, Morag Rees, Sylvia Rendall, Gena Warden and Cathie Williamson.

Competition results: Small Fruit Tart: 1 Sheila Lownie, 2 Sylvia Rendall, 3 Joyce Inglis. Knitted Cushion Cover: 1 Sheila Lownie, 2 Gena Warden, 3 Joyce Inglis.

The trophy for most points was won by Sheila Lownie and runner up was Sylvia Rendall. The Quaich was won by Gena Warden.

The next meeting is on September 3.