Yellow peril problems

The painting of a swathe of yellow lines in Laurencekirk, at every junction leading off the High Street, is “causing problems” in the town.

Jim Stuart told Mearns Community Council that the lines had caused quite a few problems, even leading to “fisticuffs on the street.”

Accepting that the lines are there to stay, Mr Stuart argued that the community councils role and through them the role of Aberdeenshire Council, should be to improve the quality of life of residents.

Mr Stuart called for the lock-blocked area at the front of the Masonic Hall to be opened up for parking. He also called for the wall at the front of the community centre to be taken down allowing the area in front of the building to be used for parking thereby relieving the congestions which exists in that area.

“The council have got to give something back to the people. These measures would make parking easier and therefore improve the quality of life of Laurencekirk people.”

Backing Mr Stuart, fellow member Hilda Kerr said that these ideas had been put forward time and again over the years.

Provost Bill Howatson said the Masonic Hall idea might be worthy of investigation, but he doubted whether Aberdeenshire Council would consider spending any money at the community centre while the future of the building was in a state of flux.

There is presently a debate over the community centre’s future as the local authority say most of the facilities currently available there will be moved to the new Mearns Academy once it is built.

Councillor Tom Fleming said there was once a proposal to remove the railings at the community centre but not for parking. The plan was to create a drop-off point for disabled people.

Mr Stuart said that at the south end of the High Street the pavement was very wide and there had previously been a suggestion that laybys could be created to help traffic flow.

He asked if that idea could be revisited.

Mr Stuart pointed out that a number of “private” lanes off the High Street, such as Trafalgar Lane, Bisset Lane and Charter Lane had also had yellow lines put down on them.

He asked whether Aberdeenshire Council had now adopted these lanes if they were taking this course of action.

Mr Stuart also asked about the proposal for traffic calming measures in Johnston Street and Garvocklea Gardens, to which there had been opposition expressed.

He was told that residents had been surveyed by Aberdeenshire Council and that the question of traffic calming in the location would be brought back to the area committe.