Youth room at Stonehaven Community Centre

A new youth room in Stonehaven Community Centre is set to be completed after the Easter break.

The room within the community centre has been decorated and refitted in order to prepare it for youth work and other activities.

The improvement and development of the room has come about as the result of suggestions made by Stonehaven and District community council who were keen for the development to take place.

Members of the Community Council were told at their meeting on Tuesday night that the room is almost finished and a survey is currently being carried out by young people to find out what they would like the room used for.

Community Councillors gave their support for the room and said they hoped that it could sometimes be used as a drop-in at times such as weekends to give young people in the area somewhere to go. They were told that this would require supervision however part of the survey was finding out when young people would like to use the room, so this is a possibility.

The outside hall in the community centre has also received new flooring in the revamp.