AGM and EGM at Stonehaven Golf Club

In the season of our beloved bard SGC held their AGM last Thursday.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 30th January 2016, 7:00 am

Not content with braving that, our hard working and much underappreciated committee chose to hold an EGM as well.

Poor wee confident nae so timorous beastie nae buddy telt me I hid tae mak a speechie.

So stood our brave Vice Captain replacing a much missed recovering Captain before us. A speedy recovery is wished by all to Bert.

Not one to puddle about Ivan (fork) lifted us with his rousing delivery opening an EGM on the Club constitution.

Horrified after 5 minutes of rapt attention I realised the ‘Club Constitution’ was not a reference to how many pints a member could drink in one night but the rules of the club and how we operate .... Who knew???

So we came to the vote ... Did the challenge arise from deep knowledge of legal protocol???? No ... Was it a rousing reflection of the hard work our treasurer and his team put into the rework??? No .. Despite 45 days to reflect and submit thought it was a challenge the like of which a full stop in the wrong place or verb conjugation may raise the hackles in a trainspotter. Still survival being the best foot forward we moved to the AGM with a unanimous vote to the ‘yeas’ full of relief.

A swift break was taken and despite Brenda having her cardigan on back to front we moved to the AGM.

Ivan opened with an excellent reflection of the preceding season highlighting such events as the Irvine / Riddell Club Championship tussle, the Ladies Champion Gayle Geraghty prevailing over mum Riddell with some fine play and finally, but by no means lastly I’m sure, the redoubtable Irvine Major prevailing in the Seniors Championship.

Moving to the course and management ... how lucky we are as a club to have so many loyal and dedicated members who give their time freely to make the course and clubhouse a better place for us all. I doff my cap to ALL these unsung heroes and heroines.

Staff ... could we be more blessed to have the Greens, Management and Bar Staff that we do. Loyal, hardworking and so so tolerant of members daft requests, irate tirades when they cant get the exact time they want or the jam is the wrong flavour....... It’s a bit of a riddle to me but there you go. We, as a club thank you all.

Now that completed we all agreed what great value we get from our fees and so with little more ado a forest of hands were raised to support the motion of ‘no-increase’.

The evening closed with the usual rush to the ...... no not the bar... the door!! Fine for me as I got a cold pint of delicious amber nectar poured in Jig time and raised a glass to a great year ahead and much respect to our fantastic Club.

PS I should also mention if anyone is passing Semi-Chem could they please nip in and get our respected manager a new tub of Hair Gel ... Bit of a ‘Tufty Club’ moment Ian dahling!!

With the EGM and AGM passed for another year it was good to see the course and clubhouse busy over the weekend. Many pairings and individuals took part in proceedings, no doubt with one eye on qualification. Winter greens made scoring difficult but as is customary, a few made a mockery of the tough conditions:

Leading scores as follows: Pairs (Scratch): N Irvine & H Roulston(63), Colin Arthur & Alan Officer, W Pittendreigh & Graeme Adamson (both 65) Ross McAllan & I Taylor (66)

Pairs (Handicap): M Halliday & S Campbell (56) [for those who remember the videprinter at 4.40pm on Saturdays, yes, fifty six], R Pyper & N Cattanach, N McArthur & D Henderson (both 58), K Duguid and E Campbell (60)

Singles (points): John Christie (40), Andrew Darragh, Stewart Hutcheon & Brian Hardstaff (all 39), Douglas Barnard & Malcolm Ritchie (both 38)

The club held its traditional Burns Night on Saturday and around 50 members came along to enjoy the haggis (whisky?) I’m assured a great night was had by all. Following the AGM, Stonehaven GC has set patron (social) memberships at the bargain price of £10 a year (£5 if spouse of playing member) so come along and join now. Events planned over the next few weeks are as follows:

l Carvery – Sunday 7th Feb (22.30 – 3.30pm)

l Live Music with Northern Lights – Saturday 13th February (tickets £9)

l Valentine’s Day Lunches – 14th February

l Sports Quiz – March

l Neil Diamond Tribute – May …more exciting events to be added over the coming weeks.

We urge all to keep an eye on club website and facebook pages for up to date information.

Finally, members are reminded that renewal notices (yes, spring is apparently in the air!) will be issued soon, please advise club of your most current e-mail address. For any members that paid by direct debit last year, a new agreement will need to be set up this year by calling Zebra golf finance on 01332 680400 or e/mail at [email protected]