Fettercairn & Fasque: 
the Mearns 50+ group

It was another dreich morning as approximately 30 of us gathered in Fettercairn for the latest Mearns 50+ Group walk.

Wednesday, 12th March 2014, 12:39 pm
the group managed to snap some snowdrops at Craigmoston Bridge

Our route took us up past the distillery (1) where we breathed deeply but did not stop! A right turn on to the road to Thainston then another right turn after about half a mile led us past Stankeye and alongside Fasque Lake.

Here there were one or two ducks on the water and also a swan. A boat full of water did not look particularly inviting!

Keeping left, we passed the rear of Fasque House (2) and as we bore left again, we saw some deer in a field. The deer would probably best be described as “domestic” as they were neither wild nor farmed.

the route the group took

We emerged from the grounds at a recently restored cottage. Here we turned right and walked along the road to Fasque Home Farm (3). By this time, the drizzle that had dogged us all morning gave way to a small patch of blue sky. Past the Home Farm-house, we turned right and headed towards Bogendollo.

Here a mini stream ran down the side of the road and the surface was deeply eroded in places. At Bogendollo (4), we could see two very large pigs in a field. They were dark in colour but whether that was mud or natural colour, we couldn’t tell, as they were at the far corners of the field. Closer to hand, we were greeted by some hens, a cockerel and a turkey.

The turkey did not seem best pleased with our arrival! From there to the humpy-back bridge at Craigmoston (5), we had the Burn of Garrol on our left. Just at the bridge there was a carpet of snowdrops, captured for us by John Mitchell.

Next we turned right through Old Mains, then left at the cottage and down one of the main drives at the bottom of which we left Fasque grounds, crossed the road and entered Fettercairn estate. The path here took us through a narrow wooded area, past the back of Fettercairn House, then past the Home Farm cottages.

a couple of scarecrows the group photographed on their walk

Part way down the farm road, a path goes off to the right and wends its way through another narrow woody area, bringing us to the Fettercairn crossroads (6) where an amazing scarecrow is found.

Angus Whitson (“The Man with two Dogs”) wrote about it recently in a daily newspaper, and it is certainly worth seeing. Fortunately Stewart Craig was on hand to photograph it.

I believe the flag says, “Bang”! The path through the wood continues, skirting the Show park and passing Queen Elizabeth Court, to bring us back to where we had left our cars, at the “Beechgrove Garden.”. Distance covered was about five miles.

The next walk will be on Tuesday, March 18 , in the Durris area, walking on forest tracks up to Cairn-mon-earn mast and return.

Parking will be very limited; turn right where the cafe used to be, and go a short distance down there. As usual, the minibus will leave the Burgh Buildings in Laurencekirk at 10am.