Course for new referees to start

Courses for new referees will take place next week as part of a recruitment drive to encourage more people to take up refereeing.

The course is being ran by the Scottish FA Referees – Aberdeen & District.

The course will start on Wednesday, January 14, in The Grammar FP Club Centre, Queen’s Road, Aberdeen, at 7 p.m. It will consist of 8 sessions, each lasting 2 hours, followed by written and oral examinations and a practical session.

The course fee will be £45, which includes membership of the Association and registration with the Scottish FA until the end of season 2016.

The aim is to have the successful candidates available to start refereeing in April 2015.

The association manager, Sandy Roy, commented “We have been impressed by the progress made by the ex-players who have joined our recent classes and feel that there is a significant number out there who could make a valuable contribution to our group. We’d like them to contact Roddy in time to join this course”.

Anyone interested should contact the course instructor, Roddy Cobb, on 07769 636400 or Further details are also available on the association website: