Stonehaven Athletic vs Scotstown Rovers

The game started well with both teams managing to keep the ball down and pass it around, however the visitors were ahead of the game play, as they were chasing the ball down well and battling for every ball better than Stonehaven.

Wednesday, 12th March 2014, 11:59 am

The visitors had a few half chances with balls over the top or through but nothing that tested the keeper. The first good chance came for Stonehaven from a throw in which Andy took well unfortunately he blazed the chance over the bar.

The possession was fair mixed throughout the first half however the 2nd chance which caused the visitors keeper to make a great save also came from Andy as he almost let the ball slip by him before getting a quick reflex shot off. The next few chances came from the visitors as they pushed hard to try and gain the lead with several chances and 2 great saves by Roy.

Stonehaven then reacted to the pressure and stepped up their game for the final 15 min of the half and with chances from Andy, Horner and a great fresh air swipe from Craig. Stonehaven eventually took the lead on the 44 min mark, Stuart put an offside Horner through on goal only for him to sclaf his shot into the bottom corner.

The 2nd half started with some quick pressure from the visitors as the visitors striker was through on goal however he decided to square the ball to the Stonehaven defender only to see him clear the ball by hitting the up-right and nearly putting the ball away for the visitors.

The game was in Stonehaven’s hands now and they were firmly in control passing the ball well with some good movement off the ball. After 60 min Tommy was replaced with Irv, which would help give Stone haven some pace up the left wing. Irv right away caused some trouble for the visitors hitting the by line only to have the defender block the pass.

Andy was booked in the 77th min, only to score a minute later, another great run by Irv and a pass to Horner for him to Jinx around 2 defenders before his chip in to Andy for a goal line tap in. only a couple of min later a great driving run by Stu put Craig in the frame for a shot which left the keep wanting, which well and truly finished the game for the visitors.

Scots Town did get a conciliation goal in the 91st min from a header after a cross into the box, which unfortunately left the smallest defender from Stonehaven back 4 un-able to reach those dizzying heights to put a decent challenge in.

Team: Roy Middleton, Kev Bruce, Iain Macleod, Brian Nicoll, Liam Murray, Tommy King, Ludi Metelski, Stuart Elliot, Craig Horner, Andy Cordiner, Craig Archibald. Subs, Fraser Ross, Dion Holtes, Stuart Irvine, Johnathan Cohen.