Katrina gains black belt

New TaeKwon-Do Blackbelt Katrina Carr, centre, with Mark and Ngaire Boydell.
New TaeKwon-Do Blackbelt Katrina Carr, centre, with Mark and Ngaire Boydell.

Katrina Carr (13), graded for her black belt in TaeKwon-Do on November 12. Before the grading she had a 1,500 word thesis to write about her “Path to Blackbelt.” On November 11, there was a two hour written exam which Katrina excelled in with a 93% score.

On the Saturday morning there was a seminar for all blackbelts followed by a gruelling 4.5 hour grading where seven students were hoping to achieve their next grade.

Katrina started the afternoon with nine patterns followed by kicking combinations, sparring, step sparring, self defence and finally board breaking.

Katrina has been training at Boydell Blackbelt Academies for five years and has worked very hard to achieve this fantastic result.

For nearly a year she has been training four nights per week in preparation for her grading and also assists teaching the junior students at Stonehaven. Although Boydell TKD has promoted students to blackbelts in their other schools, Katrina is the first student from Stonehaven to achieve a blackbelt.

Instructor Mark Boydell shared this special day with Katrina by successfully grading to 5th Degree. He had to complete all the elements above and his thesis was on a different subject and had to be approximately 5,000 words. His self defence was against knife attacks and he also had 3 on 1 sparring which greatly challenged his fitness.

Instructors Mark and Ngaire Boydell are extremely proud of the dedication and commitment that Katrina has shown and look forward to helping her achieve her dreams of becoming an international competitor.

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