Lathallan rowers raise £360

Twelve members of staff at Lathallan School, Johnshaven, successfully rowed 360km in May.

Friday, 27th June 2014, 8:00 am
Lathallan rowathon team.

They have formed a new group called Lathallan 360 with the team of volunteers drawn from senior and junior, teaching, admin and estate staff.

The chosen charities for the Rowathon event are LEPRA and the National Osteoporosis Society and £360 was raised to share between the two.

The Lathallan 360 group worked in two teams using two of the machines and the third was allocated to other staff, pupils (S4-S6) and parent volunteers. Participants rowed for a number of 15 minute sessions over the eight hours.

A school spokesperson said: ‘‘A key part of the new Curriculum for Excellence programme is to promote health and well-being to all pupils. Staff at Lathallan are unique in their plans to take this forward through this challenge.

‘‘Leading by example, the adults hope to be good solid role models and help promote health and well-being throughout the whole school. As part of any event that the group participate in, they also hope to raise funds for local and chosen charities.

‘‘The school is hoping to secure a suitable local sponsor for their staff teams who would not only support the event but also the team’s key aim to promote health and well-being and develop curricular links with the school.

‘‘This money would be used to purchase staff kits and enter teams in various events in the future including the inter-company rowing competition run by Aberdeen Rowing Club and the Baker-Hughes 10K. Our first supporter, Turriffs of Montrose, have kindly donated money towards the purchase of kit for the group.

‘‘If you or your organisation would like to get involved in this new initiative, please contact Mr Fernandez at the school or by email at [email protected]’’

Pictured from left, back row - Nicola Ryan, Andrea Watt, Ranjit Fernandez; in front - Gillian Saunders, James Ferrier, Myles Beattie