“Loss of a Legend” - Scurrie Tweeter’s Golf Column

After a wonderful (but breezy kind) weekend we awoke this morning to the sad news that golf has lost the ‘King’.

Sadly Arnold Palmer passed away Sunday afternoon.

Arnold Palmer was the epitome of EVERYTHING that is good about golf ... handsome, strong, 
cavalier, dignified and friendly.

EVERY pro in professional golf in 2016 owes a debt to the great man. I was privileged as a kid to watch Arnold play... admittedly in the twilight 
of his career in the 1970s but none the less still commanding a huge following that came to be known as ‘Arnies Army’.

He was golfs most beloved player, a true icon. Long before Tiger and Rory, Arnold strode the fairways of the world like a behemoth. The big three in fact 
(Palmer, Player and 
Nicklaus) could be argued as the leaders of the golden age of golf in the 60s 
and 70s. Player and
Nicklaus were probably better golfers but neither of them had Arnold​‘s​ charisma , dignity 
and friendliness and NOBODY had his style or was loved as much by their public

I remember seeing 
him waving to the crowd in 2015 when he captained 
an international Open Winners team from a buggy at St.Andrews and will not deny I shed a tear as the hairs stood up on the back of my neck

ARNOLD PALMER - 1929 - 2016 - The King ... long live your memory and long live the wonderful influence you had on our game.