Mackie teams win at Strathie

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Another tournament, another Mackie clean sweep! Mackie P4 & P5s put out two select teams for the Forfar Strathie Sharks mini tournament. The Reds and Blacks were in separate pools. After the group stages the two winning teams played in the final. And yes, it was Mackie Reds vs Mackie Blacks. In a competitive final Reds ran out eventual winners but the real winners were all Mackie FP’s players. A resounding complement to the quality of the coaching at Mackie that both teams sailed through their groups undefeated.

Seven teams played in the competition. Mackie Reds were in Group A along with Arbroath, Brechin, Montrose Green and Strathmore. They played four games with the group winners going through to a final against the winners of the Group B who comprised Montrose Blue, Carnoustie, Blairgowrie and Mackie Blacks.

In Group A Mackie Reds ran out easy winners by 11-0 against Montrose Green team. This was followed by a resounding 6-0 win against hosts Strathmore who never got out of their own half the whole match. This was a rematch of the Carnoustie final but Strathie Sharks failed to deliver any bite. Further wins by 5-1 against Arbroath and 6-1 against Brechin ensured the Reds were though to a well-earned final.

In Group B Blacks also ran out comfortable winners against Blairgowrie (6-1), Carnoustie (5-1) and finally Montrose Blue (5-1).

The final was a competitive match with neither Mackie team willing to surrender their unbeaten records without a contest. Both teams showed the same spirit that had taken them to the final with committed play and strong defensive tackling. The final score was academic, the standard of play and the willingness to compete till the end the key features of the day.

In the P6/7 competition, with six games to be played in the sunshine, it was going to be a gruelling day for the boys and would require all the squad to play their part with no room for passengers.

Carnoustie were up first and keen to show Mackie they were the real deal and right from the off it was Carnoustie that dictated the game style. It certainly wasn’t pretty rugby with lots of scrappy rucks and broken play and certainly not the free flowing game Mackie are used to. However, they dug deep and teamwork, determination and tackling saw them through. Brechin followed immediately and it was obvious after the game started the Mackie boys would be too much for Brechin. This allowed the 6’s in the squad to shine and they outnumbered the 7’s on the park and ran in an easy victory with some lovely attacking rugby.

Confidence was now up but with the home team up next there was no doubt Mackie would have to raise their game if they wanted to keep on the road to victory. This game became a war of attrition and not pleasant to watch. Mackie went one down early on and although they kept battling hard but fairly it looked like the tactics of Strathie could overcome Mackie with one Mackie player taken off to hospital with a suspected dislocated shoulder. However, they didn’t roll over and amazingly scored two tries to go into the lead. At the end some dubious time keeping and refereeing allowed Strathie to snatch a draw with a try right on the whistle.

Blairgowrie, Arbroath and finally Montrose followed but none could come close to Mackie. The teamwork, determination and commitment couldn’t be faulted with every single player giving their all even to the point that Ross made it back from hospital to support his team mates! It came down to the last game between Strathie and Carnoustie with the home team needing to win by three clear tries to win the tournament. Carnoustie, however, were not going out without a fight and they actually beat the sharks 2-1 leaving Mackie victorious.