Mearns bow out of Scottish Cup

Mearns United 2 Mosstown 8

MEARNS United bowed out of the fifth round of the Scottish Amateur Cup on Saturday, well beaten by Ayrshire team Mosstown.

Mearns had not played since early December and the lay-off showed, but at least they have the honour of going further in the competition than any side in Aberdeenshire.

Mearns held Mosstown in the first half, but the roof fell in in the second half. Mearns did not show anything like the form of which they are capable and if they had done, they would have given Mosstown a much closer contest.

The visitors took the lead in five minutes, but Mearns equalised in ten minutes when Ross Donald was left with a tap-in on the far post.

Goals in 15 and 25 minutes had Mosstown in control, but Mearns got back to within a goal in 38 minutes when Rob Armstrong scored with a shot from inside the box.

Mosstown scored early in the second half and it was effectively game over and they went on to score a further four goals.

Mearns should have made the scoreline a bit tighter, but Donald missed two penalties late on when the score was 7-2. He put the first penalty past the post, then his second was saved by the keeper.