Micros shine in the sunshine

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The youngest members of the Mackie Rugby Club, the Micros, traveled to Inverurie on Sunday to take part in a tournament involving twelve teams and six clubs. For many of the players taking part this was their first experience of “real” games, and despite some initial nervousness the Mackie youngsters rose to the occasion with both squads performing very well indeed.

The format of the competition was a “round robin” with the two Mackie teams, the Reds and the Blacks, being in different groups and each playing four games against the other teams in their group. As the games progressed, the Mackie teams gained confidence and strength. The fair weather allowed the skills that have been learned and practiced in training throughout the winter to be put to good effect. Good performances from individuals were too many to mention since all the players performed way above expectations.

At this age group, in this format of tournament there is no one winning team, with the scores being rightly less important that making sure enjoyment and fun is had by all. However, I think you would be hard pressed to find a Mackie player or parent not delighted by the fact that the Mackie Blacks were victorious over some strong opposition and the Mackie Reds remained unbeaten in all of their games. This also served as a good warm-up to the Mackie clubs home tournament on Saturday June 2, which is a date not to be missed.

Teams: Cameron Barclay, Hamish Clark, Jamie Coombs, Josh Coupar, Callan Dodds, Gregor Garden, Jamie Guest, Norrie Ingles, James Johnstone, Cameron Macpherson, Sam Martin, Max McLeod, Jamie Meldrum, Nathan Santoo, Cameron Sleigh, Rory Tench.