Crescent prove to be a thorn in Thistle’s side

Crescent 227 all out

STCC 139 all out

With last week’s game void owing to Caledonian CC disbanding and having lost against Crescent at home back in the early part of the season, the Thistle were eager to start the second half of the season against Grade leaders’, away at Duthie Park.

Having won the toss, Ross Devlin put the home team into bat hoping to get a few early wickets with Thistle’s opening bowlers C.Finlay and C.Hinchcliffe.

With no runs scored in the first couple of overs, Crescent’s opening batsmen K. Nookala and T. Suri started notching up the runs at an even rate which included a few boundaries. After six overs and 36 runs on the score board, Callum struck – a thick edge from T. Suri caught behind by J.VDR for zero. V. Balakrishnan came in to replace T. Suri and only added a further six runs in three overs before a super ball from Findlay clean bowled K. Nookala for 28.

With 70 runs on the score board after 13 overs and some tight bowling, Hinchcliffe was replaced by A.Long in order to try and prevent Crescent’s batsmen V. Balakrishnan and J. Ali becoming too settled. Over the next five overs Crescent added a further 24 runs before J.VDR was brought into the bowling attack, replacing A.Long. By this time, Crescent’s batting pair had amassed a 50 partnership and were looking strong.

At the other end, C.Findlay was replaced by N.King - again in an attempt to disrupt Crescent’s flow - and, after a further threw overs and only 17 added, J.VDR took his first wicket clean bowling V. Balakrishnan for 21.

Two overs later and with 109 on the score board, another change of bowler was made - bringing in G.Bonds to replace King in order to entice the batsmen to play the slower ball and thus create catching opportunities. Unfortunately, this did not have the desired effect and proved costly with Crescent making full use of the ‘bad ball’ and claiming 26 runs in just four overs, including two massive sixes.

STCC didn’t get a breakthrough until the 31st over after Bonds was replaced by vice captain C.Mason. In his first over, Crescent’s big hitter J Ali was finally caught by D.Crozier in the deep for 60. By this time Crescent were 150 for four and looking solid.

After only two overs, Mason was replaced by opening bowler Findlay while J.VDR persevered at the other end. Over the next four overs Crescent added a further 30 runs before J.VDR struck twice in his ninth over bowling A.Ahmed for 17 and caught and bowled A.Perira for zero.

Two overs later, J.VDR struck again getting N Thangaraj caught behind by R.Devlin for 36. By this time Crescent were 195 for seven with 38 overs gone. Wicket eight fell to J.VDR again in the 40th over trapping S Ahmed plumb LBW.

With Callum using up his bowling entitlement of 12 overs, Graham was brought back in to the bowling attack and with Crescent approaching the end of their overs entitlement the ‘bad ball’ was dispatched with the contempt it deserved, adding 11 to their total in just one over.

With J.VDR coming in to bowl his last permitted over, things finally went STCC’s way when he cleaned bowled B. Manogna for nine with his first ball then caught and bowled D. Gibson with his final ball running backwards about 15 yards and taking a magnificent diving two handed catch.

Crescent were 227 all out over 42 overs though their total was inflated by 44 ‘extras’ owing to wides and byes. Jono 7 for 51; Callum 2 for 55

Following tea, STCC opening batsmen D.Crozier and captain R.Devlin led the attack with Crozier scoring a four off his first and fourth ball from T. Suri. Things were looking promising. At the other end Devlin kept B. Manogna at bay taking the shine off the new ball when it was on target.

After five overs, Thistle were 16 for nothing with both openers having hit the boundary. After another boundary Crozier was unfortunately caught behind for 13 from one of B. Manogna’s less wild balls. C.Mason replaced Crozier at the crease and continued the slow progress of wearing down Crescent’s bowling attach.

With the ball showing signs of some movement from T.Suri, Mason was clean bowled by him for eight after adding only 16 runs to the tally with only 11 overs gone.

J.VDR now entered the fray, notching up five runs in as many balls. Unfortunately, another wide delivery from B. Manogna enticed J.VDR to stretch and swipe at the ball catching an edge and being caught in the slips. STCC were now 41 for three after only 12 overs.

J.Crozier came in and supported Devlin, bringing order and composure to the batting line-up running briskly between the stumps adding one’s and two’s - adding 25 to the tally over the next 9 overs even following a bowling change by Crescent to try and upset this period of stability.

Crescent’s bowling change finally produced results when J.Crozier was trapped LBW by A Ahmed for 10. A.Gale came in at number six and was looking to support opening batsman Delin who has been around for the last 22 overs.

Unfortunately the 24th over was to see the end of yet another of Devlin’s mammoth batting sessions – caught off the bowling of D. Gibson for 20 following a thick edge .

With STCC struggling to 106 for six off 35 overs two runs later, A.Long was caught off the bowling of D. Gibson for 12 as STCC sought to add runs quickly.

Next to fall to the short delivery while seeking the boundary was Graham Bonds caught at mid off for six off the bowling of T. Suiri. STCC wete 118 for nine off 39 overs.

With STCC’s opening bowlers now at the crease, Findlay and Hinchcliffe played some quality shots - hitting the boundary four times and adding a further 21 runs over the next five overs until Clive was clean bowled by T. Suri for eight, leaving STCC 139 all out and giving victory to Crescent by 88 runs.

Captain’s man of the match awarded to J.Van de Ruit for his bowling figures.

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